What we are about

We endeavour to promote and enhance a “natural look” whilst always taking an individual approach.

We are a small clinical team based in the Northern suburbs of Perth.

Glowing Gracefully strives to be a person centred and friendly clinic where clients feel understood and listened to by the team. We are a small team therefore able to keep our cost down, thus being affordable for the “every day woman” and for this reason we are able to promote deals on all products throughout the year.

Our medical team are all registered clinicians and regularly attend training seminars/conferences and keep abreast with all recent research relating to cosmetic medicine. Our Dr is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

If you have any further questions about treatments or the team, please contact one of our friendly team and we would be happy to take your call.

We encourage all clients to book using our online booking system.

What to expect

Your First Visit, What to Expect?

  • We encourage all clients to book using our online booking system
  • On arrival you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire and consent form which explains the procedures in-depth.
  • Our Dr and one of our nurses will provide you with your free initial consult, assessment and treatment plan (if it’s your first time having treatment then we encourage treating one area only)

Consultation and Assessment
The Dr will explain each procedure in-depth, the effects of your treatment, what to expect, risks and after care. The Dr will then discuss and assess any medical issues, past history or concerns regarding treatment.

The Dr and Nurse, in conjunction with yourself, will assess the upper, mid and lower face. A discussion then follows with all parties to ensure you understand and therefore receive a treatment that you will happy with.

Natural Look Treatment Plan
As mentioned above, a 12-month treatment PLAN will be formulated for you to take away, we prefer all our clients to be fully informed before making decisions regarding treatments. We would like to remind you this is just a plan and all suggested treatments are for your information only. 

An aseptic technique is always adhered to and any treatment will be given by an experienced and qualified registered clinician.

All treatments will be recorded on our database. This remains confidential.

Post treatment card information will be sent electronically to you following your appointment

Follow Ups/Top Ups
Given the fact the facial anatomy is very individual; results may vary from person to person. Therefore, you may require a follow up/ top up. This needs to be administered within 1-3 weeks of your treatment. If you are seen within this period, the follow up maybe complimentary. We can then amend your treatment plan to suit your muscle strength this will be recorded on our database.

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